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Kristen Loschert is the owner of Loschert Editorial, providing first-class writing, editing, and proofreading services to consumer, trade, and niche publications; associations; nonprofit organizations; and universities.  Her services include

Kristen Loschert has more than a decade of experience as a writer and editor.  Her background includes newspaper and magazine writing, editing, and association work.  Before starting her own business, Kristen spent four years as the editor of Tomorrow’s Teachers, a national magazine for college students studying to become educators.  Her freelance articles have appeared in national and regional consumer publications including Parenting, Northern Virginia, Inside Business, and Washington Woman.  She also provides writing, editing, and consulting services to associations, think tanks, nonprofit organizations, and universities. Kristen has worked with the National Education Association, the Brookings Institution, the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, and Marymount University, among others.  Her expertise includes education, labor and unions, children and families, public policy, health, and business.  She also is an aspiring children’s author and a member of the National Writer’s Union.  For more about Kristen’s professional experience, check out her résumé

Talented, dependable, and so easy to work with—Kristen Loschert is a true professional. We have the opportunity to work with Kristen on a regular basis and have been continually impressed by the quality of her writing and the thoroughness of her editing. Knowing that Kristen is on the job puts our minds at ease!
- Amanda Litvinov
Editor, This Active Life and Tomorrow’s Teachers magazines
National Education Association